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From the pages to the airwaves, following their partnership in writing the “Planning for Prosperity” book series John Daley and Michael Brown are combining efforts once again. As part of their ongoing commitment to the Capital District, the Planning for Prosperity Show will feature local experts and contributors. Each week the radio program will highlight issues and topics essential to wealth management. With a focus on the second half of the average American’s investment lifetime, this weekly platform introduces individuals to the sound principles of asset management, tax strategies, estate planning and institutional style investing which, in the past, was reserved for only the very wealthy. John and Michael, two well known advisors who focus on financial planning and advice, get to the heart of addressing individual investors, retirees, pre-retirees and business owners concerns about money management and their plans for the future by offering advice based on needs and process, not products.

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*Chris Kristy and the Social Security Reform
*Capital Gains Tax
*Estate Planning: Wishes and Inventory Document - Get Organized
*Mark Cuban and Student Loans/College Decisions Should be a Business Decision not an Emotional Decision
*Identity Theft/Scam on Filing False Tax Return/Taking Steps to Protect Your Identity
*Estate Planning: Blood Feuds/Complex Family Issues


*President and DOL New Proposal: Conflict of Interest (fiduciary) - Putting Clients First
*Guest Speaker: Mike Saccocio, Managing Director of the Schenectady City Mission Discussing Volunteering and Charitable Giving
*Young Adults Are Not Being Prepared With Financial Tools That They Need to Know Today


*US Teens are Slipping in Education Scores
*New PFP Series Website
*The Importance of Financial Planning
*Many Retiree's Are Not Financially Literate
*Identity Theft and How to Protect Yourself
*Estate Planning Basics
*Estate Planning for Singles


*College Students Failing Basic Financial Quiz
*How To Get Money Out of Your Retirement Before You Turn 59 1/2 Years of Age
*Northwest Mutual to Settle Lawsuit - You Need to Be In Control of What you Own
*Evolution of Life Insurance


*The Importance of a Financial Plan/Stages of a Financial Plan
*Debt and College Planning - Choosing the Right School

*Pre-Divorce Checklist - What to do When you get Divorced
*Build-A-Bear Workshop - What if Financial Planning was more like a Build A Bear process?
*The Story of Ignaz Semmelweis - Take yourself out of the equation and let someone who isn't emotionally involved take a look
*Having the Right Assets in your IRA


*How to Get Piece of Mind in Retirement
*Life Planning Questions:

-Can you put assets you currently own in your IRA?
-I just inherited an IRA, what do I do now?

*IRA Mistakes - Make a Trust a Beneficiary
*Joan Rivers - Estate Plan Errors


*How to Prospect Clients' Retirement from Recency Bias
*Guest Speaker: Gerry DeAngelus, CPA to discuss Affordable Care Act and Alternative Minimum Tax
*What Makes Up My Taxable Estate?
*How Often Do I Need to Review My Estate Plan?


*Proposed Potential Changes to Roth IRAs in 2016
*Guest Speaker: Gerry DeAngelus, CPA to discuss:

  • Affordable Care Act and Tax Implications and Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
*IRS Understaffed - 2015 May be the Worst Filing Season in a Decade
*Estate Planning - Is It Only for the Rich?
*Net Unrealized Appreciation (NUA)


*Fraud Protection and Identity Theft
*Tips on Protecting Yourself and Your Children Against Identity Theft
*Systematic Risk
*The Ups and Downs of the Stock Market over the Past 10 years
*The Importance of Estate Planning


*What Will It Cost Us If We All Live Longer?" - Article "The Forever Pill, Bloomberg
*Ramifications on Medicare, Social Security and Healthcare Costs if we Lived Longer
*Reduce Your Risk and Add Diversification to Your Portfolio
*Guest Speaker: Gary Striar, Regional Chief Executive Officer RED CROSS
*What the Red Cross does Nationally and Locally
*What the Red Cross does for our Military Members and their Families
*Behavioral Finance - Why People are their Own Worst Enemies when Investing


*Guest Speaker: Dean Skarlis from College Advisor of NY
*College Process
*Finding the Right College
*FASFA and EFC (Estimated Family Contribution)
*What Colleges are Looking for in an Applicant
*College Admission Counselors Googling Prospective Applicants
*Article "One Way to Get Early Admission: Be Rich"
*Saving for College
*Debt after College


*Planning for Remarriage
*Did you Miss a RMD in 2014? 3 Steps to Fix This
*The Case For and Against Taking Your RMD Early in the Year


*Planning for Marriage and Combining Finances
*Remarriage/Divorce Considerations/Prenuptials/Retirement Accounts
*President's New Budget Proposal/Stretch IRAs
*Estate Planning Family Letter - Wishes and Inventory/The Importance of Being Organized
*President's New Budget Proposal/Roth IRAs


*Debt Stress Can Lead to Health Problems, Poll Finds from Associated Press
*Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes
*Drafting Documents Correctly
*Why Planning is Important
*Examples of Good and Bad Planning


*Financial Impacts & Stresses In the Workplace - Survey Results
*The Importance of Financial Literacy and Wellness in the Workplace
*Lifecycle Investing
*Companies being Sued by their Own Employees over 401(k)s


*Employee Benefit Plans 2014 Survey Results
*Information Employers Provide VS. Employee Challenges
*Debt and Income Ratio Defined
*Financial Planning Process
*Estate Planning as a Process
*Key Estate Planning Documents you Need


*Planning for Prosperty Portal Available Soon
*January is Financial Awareness Month
*Getting a Financial Plan Together
*Employer Responsibility for 401K Plans


*Flunking Retirement Readiness and What To Do About It
*How Much Should People Save?
*Frequently Requested Data from Center for Retirement Research
*Why Social Security Isn't Keeping Up with Seniors' Costs
*Stern Advice - Should you Tap your 401K to Buy a House?


*Roth IRA Conversions
*Recharacterzing IRA and Roth Conversions
*Guest Speaker - Mike Saccocio, Director of the Schenectady, NY City Mission


*Benefits of a Roth IRA
*Planning with a Roth IRA
*Guest Speaker - Mike Saccocio, Director of the Schenectady, NY City Mission


*Financial Planning Basics
*Financial Literacy
*How Grandparents Can Help Grandchildren with College Costs
*Estate Planning Basics


*529 vs. Prepaid
*529 Advantages and Disadvantages
*Future Education Costs
* Charitable Giving
*Trust Basics
*Trends in the Workplace


*Economic Outlook for 2015
*HNW Clients Have Heightened Health Care Concerns, Survey Says
*Private Equity Bets on Energy 'Revolution" - In Oil and Gas
*Top Year-End Investment TIPS


*Keeping Your Money Safe from Cyber Attacks
*Protect Yourself against Identity Theft
*Retirement Planning: Think Outside the Pie Chart
*Beyond Traditional Asset Classes: Exploring Alternatives
*Monitoring Your Portfolio
*Top Ten Famous People without Wills
*Key Estate Planning Documents you Need


*The Impact of Inflation
*Stretch IRAs
*Municipal Bonds Basics
*Getting Help from a Financial Professional
*Women and Money


*Social Security Benefit Payments in 2015
*What You'll Pay for Medicare in 2015
*Future Cost Comparison: Annual Care Costs in 2014
*Estate Planning Basicsd


*Rolling Over a Company Retirement Plan
*Applying for Private Letter Ruling
*Top 10 Medicare Mistakes


*Social Security Wrongly Declares 14,000 People Dead each Year
*Protecting Your IRA for the Future: What you Need to Know About Recent Court Case
*Man's mistake Cost his Children $400,000 of an IRA Inheritance
*Medicare Open Enrollment: How to Shop Smart


*6 Risks That Can Ruin Your Retirement Plans
*The Error-Proof Portfolio: 6 Assets-Allocation Pitfalls to Avoid
*Be Ready for that Unexpected Early Retirement: 8 Tips
*Attitudes about Current Social Security and Medicare Benefit Levels


*Martin E Caulfield v. Commissioner
*IRA Disaster #6
*IRA Disaster #8
*Early Distributions from Inherited IRAs
*4 Reasons to File Early for Social Security
*2014 RCS Fact Sheet #6, Preparing for Retirement in America


*An Unpleasant Experience with IRS
*3 Retirement Experts Share their Plans
*The Error-Proof Portfolio: Is Your 'Balanced' Fund Binging on Junk Bonds?


*From Savings to Income: Retirement Drawdown Strategies
*The Error-Proof Portfolio: 5 Benchmarking Pitfalls to Avoid
*How Does the Bucket Strategy Work in Practice?
*Digging Into the 80% Rule for Income in Retirement
*What's the Best Retirement Drawdown Strategy?


*More Investors Get Help with Oil Change Than 401(k) Advice: Schwab
*Despite Saving More, Workers Still Face Retirement Shortfalls
*Retirement: 5 Things You're Doing Wrong
*Financials Weekly Notes: BofA, Goldman, Citigroup and Credit Suisse
*IRAs to Hold 35% of All Retirement Assets in 2018


*Testimony to the House of Committee on Ways and Means
*Social Security Cannot Go Bankrupt
*Medicare Hype
*An Overlooked Vehicle for Retirement Savings


*Retirement Savings Fears Grip Americans: "I Don't Have Enough"
*Who Will Pay for Mom's or Dad's Nursing Home Bill?
*Five Rules for Inherited IRAs
*4 Mistakes to Avoid When Enrolling in Medicare


*3 Public Policy Changes That Could Ruin Your Retirement Plan
*Will Plaintiff Lawyers Cut Down on the Choices in Your 401(k)?
*Social Security Maximization
*Understanding Medicare


*8 Common Retirement Mistakes you Should Avoid
*3 Approaches to Income-Replacement Ratio's in Retirement
*A Reality Check on Health Care Costs for Early Retirees
*8 Steps to Wealth Protection for Aging Investors


*Poll Reveals Baby Boomer's Retirement Fears
*5 Ways to Reduce Retiree Health Costs
*4 Reasons you Need Long-Term Care Insurance
*Avoid These Mistakes with Inherited IRAs


*Estimating the True Cost of Retirement
*You Need a True Plan for Retirement
*The 5 Big Lies of Retirement Planning


*Public Enemy No. 1 for 401(k) Profiteers
*Early Tap of 401(k) Replaces Homes as American Piggy Bank
*Delayed Retirement Reduces Health Care Costs


*BofA's Merrill fined for Mutual Fund Overcharges
*New Once-Per-Year Rollover Rule
*5 Myths About Medicare Dispelled
*Advice Seekers Retire with 79% More Money